Children’s Activity Books

Activity books for children of different ages.

The Unicorn Activity book is the latest in our range of books for 8-12 year olds. Scroll down to see more activity books.

Would your children like to:

  • Solve cryptograms and create their own codes
  • Colour in pictures
  • Write their own stories using story prompts
  • Turn those stories into comics with special storyboard pages
  • Solve word scrambles
  • Find hidden words in word searches
  • Find word matches
  • Solve unicorn mazes?

All the answers are in the  back of the book.

Want to make it special?

We can add a child’s name to the cover and inside page, for example Sophia’s Unicorn Activity Book or Jack’s Unicorn Activity Book. Use the form on the home page 

And we can change the background colour if your child doesn’t like pink!  Let us know the child’s name and if you’d like another colour and we’ll email you as soon as the book is ready.